Renegade Rose Morris is a member of the Country Dance and Song Society, USA

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Contact us:
We dance and play music for events, schools, and groups in the Portland tri-county metro area and surrounding areas in Oregon and SW Washington.

Phone: 503.860.6611

Foreman: Linda Golaszewski
Squire: Sally Gardner
Events: Jayme Armstrong

Want to try morris dancing?
All you need is a sense of rhythm; we teach you the dances.
We practice weekly on Thursday evenings from 7-9PM year round.
Updated: February 7, 2014

Yearly and Seasonal Events:

Seattle Sound & Fury Wassail
White Oak Cidery
Portland Pagan Faire
California Morris Ale
May Day
Cedarwood May Faire
Northwest Folklife Festival
Revels Summerfest

May Day 2013 Cedarwood School, Portland, OR

2012 Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Green Show, August, 2012

2011 Oregon Shakespeare Festival Ashland, Oregon, Green Show, August, 2011

Folklife 2011

Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle, Washington, May, 2011

Morris dancing is a traditional form of English country dancing from the Cotswold region of England. Renegade Rose dances both traditional and new Morris dances. See About Renegade Rose for more about our dances.